Charlie Mullins admits to not having Covid vaccine – despite requiring employees to be jabbed

30 May 2021, 09:29

By Seán Hickey

The boss of Pimlico Plumbers told LBC that work commitments have prevented him from getting vaccinated, but he won't employ anyone without the jab.

"As an employer you have a right, or an obligation to protect your staff," Charlie Mullin OBE told Andrew Castle, defending his position of requiring his staff to be vaccinated before returning to work.

His claims as reports suggest that NHS staff may be forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

"Have you had yours yet?" Andrew asked, to which the plumbing guru admitted that he's not even had his first dose.

"I'm due to be back in the UK next week, and I'll book it then," he revealed.

"I'll be having it hopefully after the quarantine."

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Andrew pushed the businessman on his position: "It's funny, isn't it because you're quite strict about your [employees] taking it, and you're not doing it yourself."

Mr Mullins reiterated that "not been back in the UK," because of work, but assured listeners that he "can't wait to get it."

"You're on a yacht in Spain" Andrew quipped, to which the plumbing boss snapped back that he was nowhere near a yacht and was working hard instead.