Coronavirus: Relationship expert reveals how to survive lockdown with your family

28 March 2020, 11:45

By Seán Hickey

During the coronavirus lockdown family life can become testing. This expert joined Andrew Castle to tell the public how they can cope.

Lianne Young, a relationships expert and former councillor on the Jeremy Kyle Show was on air with Andrew to give tips to people struggling with spending the foreseeable future with their nearest and dearest living on top of them.

"Everybody's been living a routine life and all of a sudden they've lost their routine" Ms. Young told Andrew. The expert explained to Andrew that the sudden change of pace in many people's lives has lead to them looking for someone to blame for their boredom.

Ms. Young revealed that "there is no one to blame" and "people do need to stop complaining" and accept that this has happened at the fault of nobody in their household. She called for the public to accept the cards they've been dealt and adopt a calmer and composed attitude to avoid conflict and stress.

One key thing for the former Jeremy Kyle councillor was that people should switch off the news if there is no new information coming out. This can prevent stress building in families she claimed.

Ms. Young told that parent frustrations can rub off on children
Ms. Young told that parent frustrations can rub off on children. Picture: PA

"If the parents are negative then that offloads onto children" the relationship expert told Andrew. She told the public of the importance of remaining calm as if people lose their reason during this time they may impact negatively the mental health of their children.

"Everybody is in survival mode" Ms. Young said. In this reasoning people should be aware that they're not the only one under stress and concern and should be aware of the feelings of others.

Andrew exemplified the feelings of many people feeling the stress of the situation. "This is like an elongated Christmas" he joked, although telling the relationship expert that he can feel the lockdown grating on his family dynamic.

Ms. Young agreed with Andrew but insisted that now is a "time for talking with people and not at them", calling for more compassion and awareness of people's emotions during this time.