David Cameron "Mother Of All Disasters", Says Former Tory Cabinet Minister

8 June 2019, 08:30 | Updated: 8 June 2019, 08:32

Former Conservative Cabinet Minister David Mellor named David Cameron as the "mother of all disasters".

Speaking to Andrew Castle, the former Tory Cabinet Minister said David Cameron was the worst Prime Minister for a century because of the decision to hold the referendum on EU membership.

David Mellor said: "The worst Prime Minister in 100 years has surely got to be David Cameron.

"He created this Brexit nonsense almost without realising what he was doing, like a child in a firework factory who thinks what fun to light that match."

Former Prime Minister David Cameron
Former Prime Minister David Cameron. Picture: Getty

Mr Mellor continued: "Theresa May is disastrous, but she is not the mother of all disasters. The mother of all disasters is David Cameron.

"And I hope wherever he's enjoying a glass of champagne and chillaxing this weekend, he will realise, look in the mirror and think al of this is my fault because it is."

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