Exeter MP: Cathedral Right To Ban Ukip Candidate Carl Benjamin

18 May 2019, 08:49

The Labour MP for Exeter told LBC the Cathedral in his constituency was right to ban Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin from an election hustings event.

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw said he supports Exeter Cathedral's decision to ban Carl Benjamin, adding the Ukip candidate has "unsavoury views" with "unsavoury followers" and said some "unsavoury things".

Mr Benjamin was due to speak at a hustings event at the Cathedral for the European Elections next week, but authorities said the candidate 'posed a risk to public order' and will be unable to host him.

In a statement, the Cathedral said that it "believes the presence of one particular candidate may cause a risk to public order", citing "a number of incidents" over the past few weeks.

"Ukip has been invited to send another candidate from its list of six candidates," it added.