Father Who's Daughter Was Killed By A Dangerous Driver Says The Justice System Is 'A Joke'

16 July 2017, 09:48 | Updated: 16 July 2017, 11:50

Father Who's Daughter Was Killed By A Dangerous Dr

A father who's 14-year-old daughter was killed by a dangerous driver says that the justice system is "too soft" on those who kill behind the wheel.

A mother has shared a photograph of the horrific injuries sustained by her teenage son after he was hit by a drunk driver. 

The photograph of 16-year-old Kiernan Roberts shows how he has been left without the left side of his head, after the driver, Owen Finn, 64, mowed the teen down whilst driving under the influence. 

Kiernan was left with a broken neck and severe head injuries after Finn failed to stop after hitting him in his car. 

Finn, who drove 130 miles with a broken windscreen after consuming a cocktail of spirits and wines, has been sentenced to three years in jail for causing serious injury by dangerous driving, and a further four months for failing to stop after the accident, failing to report the accident and drink-driving. 

When John Stapleton asked if it was time the UK introduced a zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence, a father who's daughter was killed by a dangerous driver whilst she was walking to school told him that it would definitely help the situation.

"The driver was driving dangerously and speeding and he was distracted by his mobile phone. 

"The reason for my call is that I believe the justice system is very soft on those who have killed or injured behind the wheel."

The driver was sentenced to four years, but would serve two of those years in prison and two years under licence. 

The caller said: "It's just a kick in the teeth. He received a five year driving ban and for two of those years of the driving ban he was in prison and couldn't drive anyway. 

"It's a joke."

John Stapleton was in for Andrew Castle 7am-10am Sunday 16th July.