Andrew Castle Doesn't Allow Former Corbyn Advisor To Shy Away From Anti-Semitism Question

1 September 2018, 07:51 | Updated: 4 September 2018, 14:54

Andrew Castle challenged a former advisor to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who immediately turned a question about anti-semitism to Palestine.

Jeremy Corbyn's former advisor wasn't impressed when Andrew Castle called the Labour leader "shameful" over his handling of the anti-semitism row.

The LBC presenter had said that Corbyn has been "a catalogue of shame for years regarding his support and promotion of people who are anti-semitic."

"I do not have time to go down and list the transgressions against decency," he said.

Andrew then invited Steve Howell, a former advisor to Corbyn, to defend him.

He said: "You say that, if you are going to engage the fact that Palestinians have been very badly treated, Israel have occupied..."

Andrew interrupted: "When did I mention that? You think one goes hand in hand with the other?"

"Let me answer your question!" Steve replied.

But Andrew called Steve out, saying: "Well please do, but you've immediately turned it to a different subject".

Watch the exchange unfold in the video above.