Gerard Batten: I Am Not Jealous Of Nigel Farage

18 May 2019, 10:38 | Updated: 18 May 2019, 10:40

Ukip leader Gerard Batten tells LBC he is not jealous of former leader Nigel Farage as polling suggests The Brexit Party is set to win the most seats in the upcoming European elections.

During a phone-in with LBC listeners, Andrew Castle put to the Ukip leader that Nigel Farage is "incredibly popular" after it emerged that election polling has put The Brexit Party ahead of the Conservatives and Labour Party.

Gerard said: "He is in some quarters and he's not in others.

"He's pretty marmite type of politician and yes he's got a favourable charisma and a lot of people like him and listen to what he says."

Andrew asked: "Are you jealous of him?"

Gerard replied: "No."

Ukip leader Gerard batten
Ukip leader Gerard batten. Picture: LBC

"It's not about personal jealousies or whatever, obviously if he had stayed with Ukip he could have probably have been ukip leader if he wanted to.

"If he wanted to stay he could have led Ukip, but he didn't want to and he's got now what he's always wanted which is a one man party.

"It's not a real party, it doesn't have any members, doesn't have any structure and doesn't have a governing body.

"He's got what he's always wanted which is an autocracy."

Watch his interview with Andrew Castle in full here.