Andrew Castle Wishes Good Riddance To Birmingham School Protesters

1 June 2019, 07:42

Andrew Castle wishes "good riddance" to a group of protesters against equality lessons who have been banned from the area by the High Court.

The demonstrators have been ordered by the High Court to stop protesting in the area immediately outside the school after weeks of protests became "too serious to tolerate".

But LBC presenter Andrew Castle gave the protesters some strong words, wishing them "good riddance".

"Those protesters should clear off, bye-bye," he said.

"I don't sympathise with what you're saying, in fact the way you're doing it and the manner of your intimidation, I dismiss you, I disregard you, you are nothing to me."

Andrew Castle
Andrew Castle. Picture: LBC

"Those protests should clear off, bye bye.

"Don't be there anymore and be gone.

"I wish you well and good health, but good riddance."