Lord Heseltine: 70 'Too Old' To Be Prime Minister

29 June 2019, 09:50

The former Deputy Prime Minister has said that at 70-years-old would feel a "strain" as Prime Minister amid reports senior civil servants are concerned about Jeremy Corbyn's health.

The former Deputy Prime Minister said somebody at 70-years-old would "feel the strain" in a way that would "rule them out" as Prime Minister.

But Lord Heseltine told Andrew Castle that age shouldn't mean automatic retirement from politics.

"I think you should contribute as best you feel able, as you wish, and in any capacity that people will entrust to you.

"But we're talking about whether at the age of 70 you can become Prime Minister.

"The job above all else needs stability, it needs people who can get things through and that takes time.

"My own guess is at 70 and anything like it, you are going to be feeling the strain in a way that rules out someone of that age."

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Getty

His comments come as the Times reports senior civil servants warn that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is 70 himself, could be "too frail" to become Prime Minister.

One civil servant reportedly told the newspaper there was a "real worry" that Mr Corbyn "isn't up to the job physically or mentally".

"There's growing concern that he's too frail and is losing his memory".

But a Labour spokesperson said reports about the leader's health were a "scurrilous and transparent attempt to undermine Labour's efforts to redistribute wealth and power".

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