Destruction caused by HS2 'an absolute disgrace' insists activist

31 January 2021, 09:40

HS2 campaigner explains reasoning behind protest

By Seán Hickey

This activist explained that HS2 is 'an absolute disgrace' and he is protesting to prevent further environmental destruction.

Shiwa Pawo is an anti-HS2 campaigner and he was speaking to Andrew Castle while chained to a tower next to a tunnel in a bid to prevent further construction.

The activist claimed he wasn't engaging in any illegal activity, and explained to Andrew why he was he is opposed to the project.

"Take a look at all the places in the beautiful English countryside it is destroying," Mr Pawo began.

"It is an absolute disgrace and we're talking about nature reserves, beautiful 100 year old forests and also disturbing villages as well, and kicking people out of their homes."

The protester added that "we're in a climate and ecological emergency," and continuing with such a project is unacceptable.

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Andrew assured Mr Siwo that he has "plenty of support," but read out a HS2 statement claiming that protesters are "putting themselves in great danger" due to oxygen levels in protest sites.

Mr Siwo claimed that he formerly worked on the HS2 project and suggested that "if it's not working now that means they've shut it off."

He added that when he was on the job "there was not a major peril like this."

"It's very clear to us that it is HS2 that are putting the people down there in peril and putting us up here in peril and doing everything they can to threaten us."