Jeffrey Archer: Prepare For A Prime Minister Called Corbyn

19 November 2017, 14:18

Lord Archer has said the country should prepare for Prime Minister Corbyn.

The deputy chairman of the Conservative party under Margaret Thatcher, Jeffrey Archer, has said the UK should prepare for a Labour government.

Lauding the party's slogan, 'For the many, not the few', as one of "the best political slogans I have seen in any country in my life" Lord Archer said "A lot of what Mr Corbyn put into his manifesto, I agreed with."

He said: "It would be foolish not to prepare for a Corbyn government. He had an amazing result at the general election, he conducted an outstanding campaign. He's just as popular now.

"I certainly am preparing for a Corbyn Prime Minister.

"I hear a lot of people saying they would flee the country, and I think Mr Corbyn's attitude was 'Good luck, off you go.'

"The Conservative party did so badly at the election because we lived under the myth that Corbyn wasn't wanted. 'For the many, not the few' was quite brilliant."

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