Jo Cox's Sister Says Political Fighting Worse Since MP's Death

16 June 2019, 16:19 | Updated: 16 June 2019, 16:23

Jo Cox's sister tells LBC political fighting has "descended into another level of nastiness" since the MP's death.

It is three years since Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered as she arrived for a constituency surgery in Birstall in West Yorkshire.

Since then a foundation set up in her memory has worked to champion the causes Jo cared about most passionately, including combatting loneliness and supporting more women to enter public life.

But her sister, Kim Leadbeater, thinks the political fighting has got worst since Jo's death.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, Ms Leadbeater said everybody has a responsibility in playing a part in making the language we use more positive, but warned that things has "descended into another level of nastiness".

Jo Cox's sister, Kim Leadbeater
Jo Cox's sister, Kim Leadbeater. Picture: PA

"There is nothing wrong with robust debate and passionate discussion, and it would be wholly unrealistic to think we could agree on everything, or even that we can like everyone we meet," she said.

"But I think things have descended into another level of nastiness in terms of personal insults towards people you disagree with, in terms of the use of violent language, and I think that's something we can change.

"We all have a responsibility to do it, whether you are a politician, a journalist, a comedian, or a person just like me.

"Think about the words you say and the language you use.

"I don't care what side of the political landscape you're on, but what I care about is how you can use your position to do something good and we can only do that by joining forces across that spectrum."

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