Jo Cox's Sister Warns Abuse Of MPs "Isn't Just Happening Online"

3 November 2019, 12:59

The sister of the murdered MP Jo Cox is calling for greater civility in politics to prevent future tragedies from happening.

Andrew Castle asked Kim Leadbeater: "What steps do we need to take to improve the standard and even the morality of the conversations that we're having with each other?"

Kim replied: "I think the problem that we've got is politicians have been dehumanised and I think as, as your other guest said, they've almost now got this sort of celebrity role where lots of people do know who lots of them are.

"In recent weeks, we've seen some pretty poor behaviour from from certain politicians and, you know, my line on that is that people in positions of responsibility have a duty to behave responsibly.

By the same token, the rest of us have a duty to appreciate the difficult job that they do and the challenges that they face, particularly in the current climate, but it will only change if we all agree to change and operate in a civilised and respectful manner."

Jo Cox&squot;s Sister Warns Abuse Of MPs "Isn&squot;t Just Happening Online"
Jo Cox's Sister Warns Abuse Of MPs "Isn't Just Happening Online". Picture: PA

She continued: "And I also include media in that and I include journalists in that and indeed social media.

"But one point I would disagree with this, this isn't just happening online. This is happening in the street.

"I've had lots of conversations with politicians who have had their windows smashed in or have been spat out or have people screaming at them in the supermarket.

"So I think this this concept of the keyboard warriors, there is a lot of truth in that, but we have also moved beyond that.

"Politicians are genuinely fearful for their safety in real life.

"So I think it's multifactorial, I think there's lots of things that need to change and I think we all have to decide, do we want to be part of the problem or do we want to be part of the solution.

Unless we take this holistic approach then unfortunately difficult to see a way of improving things."