"Joe Biden vs Donald Trump would be a battle of hope vs fear": Obama advisor on Super Tuesday

3 March 2020, 15:54

By Seán Hickey

US Democrat candidates are preparing for Super Tuesday, where the favourite to be the democratic presidential nominee is more or less decided.

Andrew Castle delved into the possibilities of the outcome with Spencer Critchley, a communications consultant who worked on former president Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

Mr. Critchley revealed that the event will prove vital this time around in deciding who will face Donald Trump, and what narrative the presidential race will take.

Torn between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Castle declared that "Trump against anybody is going to be an amazing thing to watch", but wanted to know Spencer Critchley's professional opinion on "who's likely to have the best shot at taking on Donald Trump?"

The communication consultant declared that between candidates it is almost too close to call, and Super Tuesday 2020 will be an event not to be missed.

Super Tuesday has often decided the candidate to take on the defending president
Super Tuesday has often decided the candidate to take on the defending president. Picture: PA

Mr. Critchley put particular attention on the scenario where Joe Biden became the candidate and described the contest as a battle between hope and fear.

"These are stories with heroes being acted up in front of our eyes" the consultant beamed, clearly excited by the permutations of the result.

"Trump appeals to people's fear" he noted. Any candidate would be a perfect match against him in the race but Mr. Critchley cited the rivalry between the two as a potential story point.

"On many levels a Biden Trump contest would be the contest between light and dark." Spencer Critchley was sure to brief Andrew on the excitement around Bernie Sanders being the democratic candidate, as the first "socialist" to have the democratic nomination and also the rise of Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor.