Anti-Brexit Campaigner: "It's Tory Policy To Harm The Country"

7 May 2018, 16:38 | Updated: 7 May 2018, 16:41

It's "official Tory policy to harm the country" says an anti-Brexit campaigner, who described "infighting" within the Conservative party.

Andrew Castle invited Tory MP John Redwood and the co-founder of Our Future Our Choice onto his LBC show to discuss the idea of having a form of customs union with the EU.

Femi had claimed it was "Tory policy to harm the country" after describing "infighting" within the party.

He said: "Brit's have no idea what Theresa May wants from Brexit, and that's exactly what we're seeing now.

"We're seeing still two years after the Brexit vote, we're seeing infighting in the Toryparty because they can't decide what position they want to go for."

But the former cabinet minister didn't fight back, saying: "I don't think I will respond respond to that."

Mr Redwood went onto say that the EU is working against the interests of their member states "in a sad way."

"They aren't producing anything constructive," he said.

"Theresa May has consistently said that we will be leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market at the same time."

Mr Redwood said he did not realise he was about to debate the subject with anybody else, and that he was only invited onto the show with the understanding of having a 'one-to-one' with Andrew.