Tech Journalist Shuts Down Idea That Dumb Phones Are Just "Burner Phones"

19 August 2018, 16:28

A technology journalist responded to a listener's text that suggested dumb phones were only used by thugs as "burner phones".

Mobile phones that are only able to send and receive calls and texts are making a comeback, as people look to become less dependent on their smartphones.

The sale of so-called dumb phones have seen an increase for the first time in years.

Technology journalist Caramel Quin said that the devices, which can be bought for around £20, don't have big screens but "have amazing battery life".

"You could take it on holiday and not even bother to pack a charger, unless you are planning to chat," she said.

"But it does only do calls and texts."

Some people worry they are developing an addiction to their smartphone . Picture: Getty

Reading out a text, Andrew Castle said: "Dumb phones? Don't be fooled, don't be naive. They're burner phones, not being used by the elderly but by thugs using them to wade in their criminality."

Caramel replied: "I imagine the thugs are probably using all sorts of apps, and probably have enough money to buy whatever phone they want as a burner.

"A burner is just a name of a phone you chuck away after you've used it."