Lib Dem Leadership Candidate "Not Closing The Door" On Other Remain Parties

9 June 2019, 08:26 | Updated: 9 June 2019, 08:28

A leadership candidate in the Liberal Democrats tells LBC he is "not closing the door" on other pro-EU parties after ruling out a 'Remain alliance'.

Sir Ed Davey told Andrew Castle that stopping Brexit is a "top priority" but that at the next general election

"we will clearly be the main pro-Remain party, most of those parties that are Remain are very small and don't have much chance of winning in first past the post.

"We need to be really clear, we have a very strong stop Brexit message, we have a very strong pro-environment message, and I want the party to focus on that at the next election.

And asked by Andrew whether a formal pact would compromise the party, Sir Davey said: "I think it would, and I don't think voters at a general election would welcome that."

Lib Dem Sir Ed Davey
Lib Dem Sir Ed Davey. Picture: Getty

Sir Davey said: "People want to be able to vote not just on Brexit, but on other issues.

"If there was a referendum, then clearly we'd work hand in glove with all parties and people outside political parties.

"But at a general election, people are voting on issues like climate change, like education, the health service and the police."

The former Energy and Climate Change Secretary is standing against deputy leader Jo Swinson in a one-on-one contest to replace Sir Vince Cable, who announced earlier in the year he would be stepping down before the summer.

The result of the contest is expected on July 23rd, meanwhile the 12-way leadership race in the Conservative Party is expected to also conclude that week.