Liver Transplant Patient: I Was Going To Die, Instead I Got Married

22 December 2017, 16:16 | Updated: 22 December 2017, 16:17

Jim phoned LBC to tell how his liver transplant gave him a new lease of life.

New figures have shown that the number of people on the organ donor list has risen by a quarter.

During a discussion on LBC, Jim phoned Andrew Castle to tell how he developed cirrhosis of the liver and was in desperate need of liver transplant. 

In March 2016 Jim had a transplant and phoned to remind people that a transplant "not only saves the life of the person but also a huge number of people" around them. 

He spoke of how the transplant had given him a new lease of life and led to him getting married. In a heartbreaking moment, Jim told Andrew Castle how his sister who lives in Australia came "to a wedding when she was prepared to come to England for a funeral."

Andrew Castle listened as Jim told his story
Andrew Castle listened as Jim told his story. Picture: LBC

Jim said he had been given "a new life, a new beginning". 

HIs transplant has spurred Jim on to become sporty. He was proud to have come in third at a table tennis contest for transplant patients. 

Jim said his new liver meant that he no longer felt like there are any boundaries in life and that he was taking less medication now then he was before his transplant.