Frost resignation 'beginning of very rapid end' for Boris Johnson, journalist claims

19 December 2021, 10:11 | Updated: 19 December 2021, 10:19

By Seán Hickey

This journalist suggests that the resignation of the UK's top Brexit negotiator could be the final nail in the coffin for Boris Johnson.

"The government of Boris Johnson is not for this world", The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh told Andrew Castle in the wake of Lord Frost's resignation.

The UK's Brexit minister announced he was stepping down on Saturday evening, citing the move to plan B as one of his reasons to resign as the UK's chief negotiator.

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Mr Kavanagh believed Lord Frost's resignation is an "even bigger bombshell" than Sir Gerald Howarth leaving government when Margaret Thatcher was in power.

"Boris has used up all his credit" he declared, adding that "this shouldn't have come as a surprise."

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"Will this resignation of Lord Frost trigger more letters and emails to the [1922] committee?" Andrew wondered, hinting at a possible Conservative leadership contest on the horizon.

"I believe it will. This could be the beginning of a very rapid end of Boris Johnson" The Sun's political columnist declared.

He said that Lord Frost's resignation "will accelerate that process.

"I cannot see how a challenge to leadership can be avoided in the next few days or weeks."

Andrew couldn't believe that the changes could come in so soon. Mr Kavanagh concluded by noting that the contest probably wouldn't happen before Christmas.

"But not long into the new year."