Lord Heseltine: Jeremy Corbyn To Blame For Low Poll Ratings

9 June 2018, 15:59 | Updated: 9 June 2018, 17:29

New approval ratings that place Theresa May seven-points up on the Labour leader can be explained by a disappointing Corbyn, says a former deputy prime minister.

Lord Michael Heseltine says that Jeremy Corbyn is to blame for a poor performance in the latest opinion poll, as Theresa May opens up a seven-point lead.

He told Andrew Castle that he "doesn't think many people, even in the Labour Party, have confidence in Mr Corbyn.

"This is not a referendum on Europe, or opinion poll on Europe, this is about the lunatic politics Mr Corbyn believes in."

The seven-point lead is the Tory's biggest poll lead since the general election last year.

Theresa May stands at 44%, while Labour comes out at 37%.