Lynn Faulds-Wood Dismantles Honours System After Rejecting MBE

31 December 2016, 10:10 | Updated: 31 December 2016, 10:59

Lynn Faulds Wood Andrew Castle

After Lynn Faulds-Wood turned down an MBE, she dismantles the system where people get an honour for donating to a political party.

The former Watchdog presenter says that the system is too open to abuse and too many people receive honours simply for giving money to a political party.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, she said that is absolutely not right and she did not want to be a part of it.

She said: "If I was to investigate the Honours System on Watchdog now and I haven't done, I think I would find there's an awful lot of people getting honours, like I'm afraid the previous Prime Minister's resignation Honours List, which got roundly criticised by everybody for putting some ludicrous people on it.

"And that's my problem.

"First of all, I think it's kind of rude to other countries that we still regard ourselves as having an Empire in our system. I think that's disappointing and I would change that straight away if I could because it's a bit insulting.

"I also feel that people who give who give huge amounts of wonga to political parties should then not get an honour without it being obvious they've done something that cancels out that way over and above it.

"So I just have so many reservations about how open the system can be to abuse when you've got such wonderful wonderful people who deserve on honours.

"Katherine Grainger- amazing woman. Andy Murray- my goodness, he really turned himself around him and made him the top guy in the world.

"They all deserve honours for their work, just personally, I can't take it because I've too many reservations and I've always said that."