Mark Francois: We'll Never Leave The EU With May As Prime Minister

5 May 2019, 08:55 | Updated: 7 May 2019, 08:57

Tory MP Mark Francois told LBC that Theresa May must go after disastrous local elections results and the prospect of a customs union with the EU.

Mr Francois said that it was self evident that "very many people were clearly extremely angry with us in the local elections," following a loss of more than 1300 seats for the Conservative party in local council elections in England.

"These elections were such a wake-up call," the former Minister told Andrew Castle. "They can't be explained away as midterm blues"

"These were our own supporters, up and down the country telling us very plainly that she has to go." 

"IDS called for her to go yesterday, I entirely endorse Iain's call," Francois said referencing an interview between the former Tory leader and LBC on Saturday.

Mr Francois, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s deputy leader for the pro-Brexit  ERG, said that May has to quit as Prime Minister, "the only plan she has left is a to go for a customs union, which keeps us in the EU."

"She's run out of road," The Rayleigh and Wickford MP said.

The ERG deputy leader was speaking to LBC.
The ERG deputy leader was speaking to LBC. Picture: LBC/PA

Mr Francois said: "We cannot go on like this.

"The only way we'll leave the European Union realistically. is with having a leader who actually believes it.

"Be that Boris, or Dom Raab or anybody else,

"We will never leave the European Union while we are led by a Prime Minister, and team of advisors, who fundamentally don't believe in leaving."

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