Christmas Migrant Crisis Will Become 'Summer Surge', Says MP For Dover

2 June 2019, 07:45 | Updated: 2 June 2019, 08:10

Dover MP Charlie Elphicke warns that the migrant crisis over Christmas could become a summer surge after a record number of migrants arrived in a single day yesterday.

The Home Office confirmed that 74 people were aboard eight boats that were intercepted on their way to UK shores yesterday, making it a record number of migrant arrivals in a single day.

HM Coastguard assisted UK Border Force off the south coast, with French authorities intercepting two further vessels.

But the MP for Dover warned the situation had "got worse" since the Home Secretary declared it a crisis over Christmas.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, Charlie Elphicke said his concern is that a 'summer surge' could be on its way.

A Border Force vessel off the Dover coast
A Border Force vessel off the Dover coast. Picture: Getty

Mr Elphicke said: "The Home Secretary declared this a crisis at Christmas, [constituents] were told that it is all going to be resolved by this new deal with the French in January and unfortunately since then things have just got worse.

"In the last month we've had a record number of arrivals, more even than in the so-called Christmas crisis.

"We've now had a record number of boats and migrants arrive in a single day.

"So my concern is that what was a crisis at Christmas could become a surge through the summer and people in Dover say they don't want a summer of chaos."

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