Moment LSE Fellow Completely Shuts Down Trump Fan

21 January 2017, 08:05 | Updated: 21 January 2017, 11:24

Dr Brian Klaas was in the studio with Andrew

Dr. Brian Klaas, fellow at LSE, joined Andrew Castle following the president's inauguration - and completely shut down this angry Trump fan.

Paul in Watford phoned into Andrew Castle's show while he was on air with Dr. Brian Klaas, Fellow in Comparative Politics at LSE, discussing the day's papers.

Following Donald Trump's inauguration yesterday, the fellow outlined the positive things which came from Obama's administration. 

But Paul in Watford was not pleased with Dr. Klass's analysis. 

He said: "Yesterday was probably the greatest day in history. I'd like to ask your silly little fruit cake, snowflake guest there-" before he was interrupted by Andrew who told him the fellow's full title.

Paul went on: "A fellow in snowflake studies by the sounds of it. Ask him to name one of Hilary Clinton's policies."

Dr. Klaas hit back with: "I could name many of Hilary Clinton's policies. She was talking about making college much more affordable. She was talking about increasing taxes on the wealthiest people on the Buffet Rule so that billionaires pay the same amount of rate as their secretaries, do you want me to keep going? 

"She was talking about re-investment in the infrastructure. She was talking about foreign trade growing with various allies overseas. She was talking about a no-fly zone in Syria. I can keep going if you'd like?"

Paul then responded: "If she was so wonderful then why did she lose?"

Dr. Klass said: "She actually won 3 million votes more than Donald Trump, but we have an archaic system of electing politicians in the US that involves state politics trumping national votes so when you get 3 million more votes you actually lose."