Lisa Nandy: 'PM should have fired Dominic Raab some time ago'

29 August 2021, 11:18

By Seán Hickey

Boris Johnson should have 'removed' the Foreign Secretary long ago as he is 'not capable' of doing his job, the Shadow Foreign Sec declares.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy was speaking to Andrew Castle as the last evacuation flights from Afghanistan left on Saturday.

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She spoke about the UK's response to the crisis and turned her attention to what she saw as a lacklustre response from Dominic Raab.

"If he had returned from holiday much more quickly, if he talked to his counterparts in Afghanistan and Pakistan then thousands more people could have been saved." Ms Nandy told Andrew.

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"From my point of view I just cannot understand why he's still in a job. This is the most catastrophic foreign policy failing of a generation."

"Should he walk?" Andrew prodded.

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"I think the Prime Minister should have removed him quite some time ago," the Shadow Foreign Secretary insisted.

She called on the PM to "put somebody into the job who was capable of getting a grip on it."

"The government doesn't even have a basic assessment of how many people who helped us over 20 years are at serious risk from the Taliban.

"They need to get out, and yet the Prime Minister is saying that he's going to do it."

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"He hasn't got a Foreign Secretary that's capable of doing this" she insisted.

"The Prime Minister needs to get a grip on this but it's absolutely crystal clear to me that the Foreign Secretary is not capable of doing it."