Nigel Farage's Instant Reaction To Donald Trump Walking Into North Korea

30 June 2019, 09:24

As Donald Trump makes history by becoming the first serving US President to walk across the DMZ into North Korea, Nigel Farage gave LBC his reaction.

The President was on a visit to South Korea when he stopped at the demilitarised zone and became the first sitting President to walk across the border into North Korea.

Donald Trump said he was "honoured to step over the line" in the historic moment, adding he had a "great relationship" with the North Korean leader.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Picture: PA

Nigel Farage described the historic moment as "tremendous" and "absolutely fantastic", telling Andrew Castle it was a "great day" for global security.

"It's absolutely fantastic," he said.

"I think the way Donald Trump has reached out, the fact they're meeting.

"In terms of global security and peace this is a great day."

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