Donald Trump's Twitter ban may result in greater political polarisation, journalist fears

9 January 2021, 11:49

By Seán Hickey

Banning Donald Trump from Twitter is 'dangerous and wrong,' and could lead to greater polarisation in society, this journalist fears.

Freddy Gray is the US Editor and Deputy Editor of The Spectator. He told Andrew Castle that "Twitter and other social media companies...are behaving an extraordinary way," following US President Donald Trump's ban from Twitter.

Despite the mismanagement from tech giants, Mr Gray told LBC that Donald Trump has "behaved with an extreme irresponsibility," especially in the days leading up to the riots on Capitol Hill.

"I think he should go as quickly as possible."

The Spectator chjef pointed out that it is "absurd" for Twitter to allow propaganda accounts circulate fake news about the Uighurs, yet insist "they can't allow Trump tweet his nonsense about the election. I think it's dangerous and it's wrong."

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Twitter banned the US President amid fears of further incitement of violence
Twitter banned the US President amid fears of further incitement of violence. Picture: PA

Andrew wondered if the ban may do more harm than good: "What are you going to do with the millions of people who are now going to feel even more disrespected?"

Mr Gray accepted that "a large number of Americans...probably wrongly believe their voices are not being heard."

He worried that "you only add to the sense of suppression" by not allowing free speech on social media platforms and Donald Trump's ban could end up with further political polarisation.

"Consistency is the problem" he added, stating that the censorship of right-wing ideals is greatly disproportionate on social media.

"This has got terribly out of hand" he concluded, but accepted that the President "has messed up" monumentally.