Russian Student’s Support For Labour Weakened By Corbyn’s Position On Russia

17 March 2018, 08:24 | Updated: 18 March 2018, 08:31

This Russian student is so taken aback with Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on Russia that despite being a stern Labour supporter he would now vote for Theresa May.

Zachary called Andrew Castle to comment after Jeremy Corbyn called for calm over Russia.

He said: “I’m a stern Labour supporter, typical liberal and young. But if there is an election tomorrow I’d be voting for Theresa May.”

Asked by Andrew why, the student said: “Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to this is so bizarre.

“Russia’s approach to you [The UK], regards the world stage, is absolutely bizarre.”

Zachary is 19 and both his parents are Russian. He is currently a students politics in the UK.

Speaking about the spy poisoning incident he said it “would make an excellent Bond film.”