Andrew Castle rips apart Met's 'stupid' response to Everard vigil

12 March 2022, 10:14

By Seán Hickey

Police at last year's vigil for murdered Sarah Everard 'picked on' innocent protesters, eyewitness Andrew Castle insists.

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The High Court declared earlier in the week that officers at the Sarah Everard vigil in Clapham Common violated the rights of those in attendance.

Revellers turned out in protest in March last year after Sarah Everard was found dead. The vigil in Clapham Common was to demand action from the police on crimes against women.

Andrew Castle, who attended the vigil, read out reports of the High Court ruling which stated there were clashes between police and "some of those there". He took exception to the wording.

"No they didn't! who wrote this?!"

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He then insisted that the clashes were indeed involving the police, but against people that they "picked on."

"Dragging peaceful protesters away after Sarah Everard was murdered by a serving police officer was one of the most insensitive and stupid things I've ever seen.

"It was incredible."

A furious Andrew Castle reflected on the High Court ruling with the same passion he felt a year ago. He couldn't believe the Met's lack of proper judgement on the matter.

"What were you thinking?!" He asked.