Tory MP furious with prospect of second national lockdown

1 November 2020, 14:32

By Seán Hickey

Sir Desmond Swayne shared his disgust at the prospect of a second national lockdown in the UK, and revealed he won't vote with Government on the notion.

"Lockdowns have one proven effect and that's to make poor people poorer, a lot poorer," Sir Desmond Swayne told Andrew Castle, elaborating to say that locking the entire nation down will have a detrimental impact.

"I'm not in favour of people dying," he noted, "but people will die anyway" regardless of if the nation is locked down or not.

He explained that through the number of deaths this year, "Covid is nowhere near chief" in being the number one killer of Britons in 2020.

He expressed the view that there is a contradiction in terms of advice coming from Government.

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British Minister of State for International Development Desmond Swayne in Tajikistan
British Minister of State for International Development Desmond Swayne in Tajikistan. Picture: Getty

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On one hand, Sir Desmond observed that we are living through a deadly pandemic, yet "at the same time we are told...that there are no excess deaths above the long-term average."

"The number of people dying at the moment is typical for this time of year," he said, suggesting to Andrew that this information was provided by the Health Secretary.

"It would take a great deal to persuade me of another lockdown," said Sir Desmond.