Simon Calder: UK's stringent travel rules are 'frankly a joke'

25 August 2021, 16:06

By Tim Dodd

Travel journalist Simon Calder has hit out at the UK's stringent travel rules, which he says are an 'outlier in the world' and 'frankly a joke' for fully vaccinated people.

It comes as the government is due to announce the results of its latest travel review today which may see changes to the green list.

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Speaking to Andrew Castle, Mr Calder said: "You mentioned 50 plus changes to the rules. Just come up with some coherent, logical rules and stick to them.

"At the moment the UK is such an outlier compared with certainly the rest of Europe, actually the rest of the world in terms of some of the things that it requires - a test before departure and another test on arrival.

"For goodness sake. I am going to a self-storage warehouse in Battersea tomorrow at half past 8 for what I hope is a cheap and easy PCR test after arrival."

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Mr Calder continued: "That, with the greatest of respect, is not necessarily going to be conducted by a medical professional in good clinical surroundings and it's frankly a joke, because I am fully vaccinated and for the rules to be as they are is ludicrous."

Mr Calder then described the UK's 'passenger locator forms' as like "an exam you haven't revised for, it's just horrible."

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