"Some People Are Just Incapable Of Raising Their Children Properly"

5 January 2019, 09:29 | Updated: 5 January 2019, 09:36

Andrew Castle rails at parents of obese children who do not promote exercise and healthy eating.

Speaking on his LBC show, Andrew Castle said: "I've had children, raised children, I've been one myself.

"If you've got an overweight or obese child at the age of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, that's your fault.

"I don't understand how we have raised a generation of people who are now having children who would deny them the joys of that physicality that they deserve to have as young people.

"If you are stuffing your child's face with stuff that they shouldn't eat, that's child abuse. That's actually my view.

"There are definitely cases where social workers should be involved. It is a joke.

"Some people are just incapable of raising their children properly. If they are morbidly obese at that age I've got some serious questions.

"I'm sorry that is so judgemental but that is the case at that age."