Andrew Castle Quizzes Stephen Doughty Over Labour's Brexit Policy

6 January 2019, 09:15

Andrew Castle asks Stephen Doughty what his party's Brexit policy is amid party divisions over a second referendum.

The Labour MP said that Ken Clarke was right to suggest that revoking Article 50 was an option forward.

The former chancellor told Matt Frei that the remaining three months to March 29th as a "considerable crisis".

But speaking to Andrew Castle, Stephen Doughty said: "We should be getting on with that vote on her deal.

"It's clear Parliament doesn't support it and then we need to move on to the next steps and I think the way through is going to be to put the issue back to the people, let them decide."

Andrew Castle and Stephen Doughty
Andrew Castle and Stephen Doughty. Picture: LBC / PA

But the pair disagreed when Andrew said that nobody knew where his party stood.

"We've got 83 days left, and still no one knows where your party is," Andrew said.

Mr Doughty replied: "Personally, I think we should move on to the next phase of our policy, I think we should vote to put this back to the people.

"It's very clear there isn't a majority for one of the different types of Brexit in Parliament."

But the LBC presenter put back to him: "Ian Lavery, the Labour Party chairman, described the campaign for a second referendum on Brexit as disrespectful as voters have already opted to leave."

Mr Doughty replied: "Well let's be clear, this is would be about a vote on the deal.

"It's about whether you want the deal that she's putting forward or you want to keep the deal we've got.

"This isn't a rerun of what happened in 2016 and it would be something that would be based on the facts."