Storm Ciara: Legendary weatherman John Kettley explains "dangerous" conditions

8 February 2020, 12:16

Legendary weatherman John Kettley explains the "dangerous" conditions that storm Ciara will bring to the UK tonight and tomorrow morning.

Storm Ciara is set to be the worst storm to hit the UK in seven years according to the Met Office, which has put two "danger to life" weather warnings in place.

Coastal towns have been given "danger to life" warnings over large coastal waves throwing debris onto roads and houses.

Mr Kettley said the storm should be heading towards us from the Atlantic at about 200mph and by tomorrow we'll be seeing gusts of 60mph across many parts of the UK.

We will see the worst of the "dangerous conditions" tonight and tomorrow morning, according to John Kettley, and called the impending storm a "noteworthy weather situation."