The Shocking Moment This NHS Worker Says She Wouldn't Dream Of Vaccinating Her Daughter

4 May 2019, 09:53 | Updated: 4 May 2019, 10:06

This caller said she works from the NHS and told Andrew Castle that she would never dream of vaccinating her four months old daughter.

With the news that the Health Secretary saying he could make child vaccinations compulsory to stop numbers of children receiving vaccines falling.

Andrew Castle points out that if you vaccinate your children then they'll be safer than if you don't. But one caller doesn't agree with this.

Stephanie called in to tell Andrew that she works for the National Health Service and she wouldn't dream of vaccinating her daughter.

The caller went on to say this was because the vaccine contains mercury. She claimed that a number of children with a mercury level have neurological damage, like ADHD and Autism.

Stephanie does't think vaccines are a good thing.
Stephanie does't think vaccines are a good thing. Picture: LBC

Andrew asked the caller where she got her evidence from and Stephanie said she got it from a book.

But, all may not be as it seems. As Andrew points out the book was written by a journalist, not by a doctor.

Caller Stephanie doesn't seem put off though, she said she trusts the work of the author more than doctors and the Health Secretary.

Watch at the top of the page to see the amazing moment Stephanie explains why she trusts this author more than medical professionals.