Tory activist: Boris Johnson has to sack Dominic Cummings

24 May 2020, 09:20

By Seán Hickey

A Conservative political commentator told LBC that Dominic Cummings has two choices - resign or be fired by Boris Johnson.

Tim Montgomerie is the founder of Conservative Home and a political commentator. He joined Andrew Castle to discuss the saga surrounding Dominic Cummings and his apparent flouting of lockdown rules.

"It's been a shambles" Mr Montgomerie insisted. He said that the aspect of this story he finds difficult to swallow is that if allegations are true, the PM's chief adviser should be held accountable for ignoring his own rules.

"The key thing for me is, we are still in the middle of a government response to a pandemic" Mr Montgomerie began, before referencing a snap poll whereby 68% of the public apparently believe Mr Cummings broke lockdown rules.

The commentator stated that "you can't expect the public to continue following the rules" if a chief adviser is breaking them.

The PM's chief adviser has come under fire this weekend
The PM's chief adviser has come under fire this weekend. Picture: PA

"If Dominic Cummings doesn't volunteer to go, Boris Johnson has no choice but to sack him" Andrew was told.

Mr Montgomerie went on to reference an article that Mrs Cummings wrote for The Spectator where she referenced the family's struggle with coronavirus, not once mentioning isolation in Durham. "The impression if you read the article was that they suffered in London" and the Conservative activist wondered if they saw no issue with moving 260 miles from their home, they wouldn't have hid it.

The commentator insisted that "at the very least it would look like a confusion of the rules" if everything that was alleged was found to be true.

Mr Montgomerie insisted to Andrew Castle that "they knew what they were doing at the very least was bending the rules."