Irate caller exposes traffic wardens capitalising on vaccine centres

7 February 2021, 09:33

Caller fumes at traffic warden capitalising on vaccination centre

By Seán Hickey

This caller revealed a scheme by some traffic wardens looking to issue fines to motorists parking near vaccination centres.

Donna phoned in from Barnet to share her story with Andrew Castle after being taken aback at a vaccination centre. She went to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but was shocked by what she found.

She described a traffic warden that "proceeded to go up to all the people sitting in the cars waiting for people to come out trying to give them all parking tickets."

The caller explained that the warden seemed to be capitalising on the mass of traffic in the area because of the presence of a vaccination centre.

"My brother went absolutely mad at this traffic warden," she revealed, going on to explain that her brother asked "can't you see these people are coming here to get vaccinations?"

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"From the two security guards outside the tent, this traffic warden goes there every day three or four times," the caller explained.

Andrew sympathised with the caller, insisting that a fine for parking when you're being vaccinated in the fight against a global pandemic is less than ideal.

"I can understand your anger, I really can."

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