Trump supporters will 'make trouble' following election, warns former Ambassador

7 November 2020, 10:58

By Seán Hickey

A former British diplomat tipped tensions to spill over in the USA following the election, and suggested Trump supporters will be the culprits.

Andrew Castle asked Sir Peter Westmacott what he you thinks when he hears Trump say "the election has been stolen" and wondered what the reaction of his supporters would be.

"It was always clear he was not going to accept the result," the former US Ambassador noted, adding that "this guy doesn't play by the democratic rules," and that has become more evident since Wednesday.

Speaking of Trump's supporters, Sir Peter said that the US President has "fired them all up, he's told them it's gonna be stolen if he doesn't win, he said it's not fair, there were illegal votes, it's all made up."

"The problem is, especially if it's tight," he added, "the risk is that it will be very divisive and some of the fired up Trump supporters will say this is outrageous."

Sir Peter Westmacott believed trouble will descend on the US following the election
Sir Peter Westmacott believed trouble will descend on the US following the election. Picture: PA

He predicted that Trump supporters will start trouble if they aren't happy with the result.

The US Ambassador between 2012 and 2016 told Andrew that the Democrat candidate has been commendable in his attitude during the election.

"Joe Biden has A; refused to say he's won, unlike Trump, and B, has transmitted messages about inclusivity, in other words, if I win this...I will aim to be a president of all Americans."

Sir Peter believed this attitude is the right approach amid the chaos: "There is a need to calm all this down once it's over."