Ukip And Labour In Heated Sparring Match Over Immigration

20 August 2017, 09:21 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:52

This debate took a fiery turn when Labour MP David Hanson branded Ukip leadership contender John Rees Evans a racist for his suggested immigration policy.

Ukip leadership contender John Rees Evans has suggested the foreign aid budget should be slashed from more than £13bn a year to £1bn.

But his idea about what to do with the rest did not sit right with Labour MP David Hanson, former Minister of State for Security, Counter-Terrorism, Crime and Policing.

Rees Evans, a former soldier, proposed that the £12.3bn then spent on incentivising British citizens with dual citizenship to leave the country, with a suggestion they could set up businesses elsewhere.

He has hit back at accusations he wants to "send people of a particular country, or countries, abroad", which he says is absolutely not the case.

David Hanson is not convinced, and took to Andrew Castle's LBC show to have his say on the matter, sharing some very strong words - and calling Mr Rees Evans a racist.

Mr Rees Evans wasn't having any of it - and the debate took a VERY heated turn.

Watch to see them fight their corner in a very feisty way.