Andrew Castle's Passionate Plea To Bring Sports Into Solution To Violence

9 March 2019, 07:55

Andrew Castle makes an impassioned argument for using sport to curb a rise in violent crime.

Speaking on his LBC show, the former Tennis professional said that sports offers hierarchy and structure, and teaches you how work as part of a team.

In a passionate statement, Andrew Castle said: "In sport there's hierarchy, there's structure.

"You understand your strengths, you understand your weaknesses.

"You understand what it means to operate in a team, to be good to people, to be bad to people in a sporting environment and not wielding a great big zombie knife.

"What's the matter with us that we don't deal with things in that way.

"The solution is right in front of us and we do not utilise it.

"Sport, leisure, recreation, young men, testosterone. Believe me, I know."