Vaccine passports crucial to ensure everyone's safety, former Foreign Sec. insists

4 April 2021, 14:00

By Seán Hickey

A former Labour Foreign Secretary believes the rollout of Covid passports is 'really important' to protect all members of society.

Former Labour Foreign and Home Secretary Jack Straw spoke to Andrew Castle following the news that vaccine passports may be needed to attend mass gatherings in future.

Andrew asked Mr Straw if he was "comfortable with people carrying a passport" to gain admission into buildings or stadia.

"I carry my covid my pocket" the former Foreign Secretary admitted, telling LBC that he is in support of such a measure to keep on top of Covid-19.

He stressed that he doesn't support its use "for every situation," but in circumstances such as "football matches, concerts and so on" he backs the proposal.

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Mr Straw added that it is "really important" that people use vaccine passports to ensure the health of all members of society.

He went on to note that such decisions are "always a balance" between the selfish protection of one's civil liberties and the "freedom of other people," and this time the balance is in favour of the pass.

He supported the use of Covid passes "because Covid is completely unusual," and calls for unorthodox measures.