Andrew Castle: Would You Get Into An Airplane That Didn't Have A Pilot?

2 June 2018, 18:35 | Updated: 2 June 2018, 18:56

Andrew Castle breaks down how great technology can be, up until the point it doesn't work - as Visa apologises to customers over disruption.

Visa is now operating at "full capacity" after millions of customers were left unable to pay for goods and services.

The company apologised for the disruption but said it was not due to "malicious" activity, instead pointing to a "hardware failure".

Andrew Castle was out with friends as the outage struck, and was surprised by how many people had to leave to find a cash machine.

"Nobody could pay by Visa, not a single one of them," he said.

"They to go out to cashpoints and then come back again, and it just strikes me that we really are becoming a cashless society.

"Do you welcome that? Or do you think it opens us up to attack?"

Andrew described a "sense of threat" from North Korea, China and Russia that was "manifesting itself in a cyber manner".

He asked: "Would you get into a car without a driver?

"Would you get into an airplane that didn't have a pilot?"