Former Blair Advisor Names Yvette Cooper As Tory's Toughest Opposition

1 September 2018, 08:00 | Updated: 4 September 2018, 14:54

Yvette Cooper would drive the Labour Party 15 points ahead of the Conservatives if she became their leader, a former Blair advisor says.

A former advisor to Tony Blair says that the Labour Party is "crippling" under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Lance Price told Andrew Castle that the party needs a leader who "looked like a potential Prime Minister" in order to put up a tougher fight against the Conservatives.

He said: "Labour is crippling its own electoral prospects by sticking with a leader who so many people don't believe is up for the job."

Andrew Castle Yvette Cooper
Picture: LBC / PA

Asked to name one Labour MP who could deliver better than Corbyn, Mr Price named Yvette Cooper.

"She's not brilliant," he said, "but she's a very good and credible candidate."