'Keep calm and carry on': Andrew Marr asks if it is 'realistic' or 'piffle'

7 March 2022, 18:21 | Updated: 7 March 2022, 19:55

By Emma Soteriou

Andrew Marr questions how far Britain will go to support Ukraine in a monologue asking whether it will deliver on the Second World War slogan "keep calm and carry on".

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His monologue on LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr comes as Russia's ongoing invasion in Ukraine intesifies, with it "reshaping our whole world".

With Putin "running out of options", Andrew explained more nuclear threats are likely to be on the way because "that's all he can rely on".

"The great question is how we respond," Andrew said.

"Do we hold our nerve, kick out the oligarchs, welcome refugees, share the pain and keep the pressure on Moscow - despite the angry menaces and spiralling food and energy prices - or are we all going to go a little easy on rich Russians who bought their way in here and be just a little harsher on Ukrainians desperate for visas?"

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He added: "For a long time now, Britain has had an unofficial motto on tea towels and coffee mugs.

"We proudly print: keep calm and carry on.

"In the weeks ahead, I think we're going to find out whether that is a realistic summary of modern Britain and its leaders or whether it was always self-congratulatory, self-flattering piffle.

"Speaking personally, I am modestly optimistic."

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It follows Andrew's claim that: "Right now, the Russian war machine is in trouble.

"It seems to be very good at murdering civilians but not so much at fighting.

"The Russian economy? That's been throttled by Western sanctions.

"Add those two facts together, and that suggests that Putin may be running out of options."