'Mark my words': Andrew Marr warns National Insurance hike will be a 'very big story'

10 March 2022, 18:20 | Updated: 10 March 2022, 18:34

By Emma Soteriou

Andrew Marr has warned that the National Insurance rise on the way in April is "about to become a very big story indeed".

His monologue on LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr looked at everything that has happened since Russia began its invasion in Ukraine, and how it could impact Brits in coming weeks.

"What is next?" Andrew asked.

"Two things to keep an eye on - first, which countries around Ukraine are next on Putin's list?

"And second, here at home, with rising fears of a recession, can our Government really stick by its plan to raise taxes in the spring?

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"Mark my words: the Chancellor's National Insurance rise is about to become a very big story indeed."

It came after Andrew summed up what had and had not been learnt from the ongoing conflict in the east.

"After the first week of war, it became clear the Russians weren't going to win quickly," he explained.

"This week, we've seen their response. The increasing use of terror attacks on civilians to break Ukraine's spirit. What we don't know, is how much further they will go."

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Andrew added: "One other thing we've learnt this week at home - it turns out to be a Government that does listen to its critics.

"After weeks of complaints about the failure to act against oligarchs, Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's owner, and others are having their assets frozen.

"And after increasing protests about the treatment of refugees, including from a former Prime Minister and former Foreign Secretary on this programme, there was a u-turn today."