Tonight With Andrew Marr 06/02 | Watch Again

6 February 2023, 21:27

Tonight with Andrew Marr | Watch Again 06/02/23

By Abbie Reynolds

You can watch Monday's Tonight with Andrew Marr in full here.

Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • Lord Daniel Finkelstein- Conservative Peer, former Head of Police for John Major (1995-97), advisor to Lord William Hague during his times as leader (1997-2001) and columnist for The Times
  • Luke Tryl - UK Director of More in Common
  • Ben Kentish - LBC's Westminster Editor
  • Bel Trew - International correspondent for the Independent who has been speaking to people affected in North West Syria
  • Wera Hobhouse- Lib Dem Climate and Energy Spokesperson
  • Stuart MacFadyen- Former Civil Servant who lost his comms job after ringing LBC over the Chris Pincher affair
  • Bettany Hughes - Historian, Author and Broadcaster
  • Kieran Maguire - Host of 'The Price of Football' Podcast

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