Ukraine win would be 'one of the great underdog victories in history', says Andrew Marr

22 March 2022, 18:06

By Daisy Stephens

Andrew Marr has said a Ukrainian win over Russia would be "one of the great underdog victories in human history" after claims that Russia was beginning to retreat.

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In his opening monologue, Andrew said: "If it's remotely true, it would be one of the great underdog victories in human history: tonight Ukraine is claiming that Russian forces are beginning to retreat and desert.

"Now in a war, we should treat all such information with healthy suspicion.

"But it's interesting that America's President Biden is saying today he thinks Vladimir Putin’s back is up against the wall - and that therefore that he could use chemical or biological weapons."

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Andrew questioned what such a move would mean for western retaliation.

"What would the west do then?" He asked.

"What would Nato's next move be?

"Does anyone, Biden included, have the foggiest?"

He then turned his attention to tomorrow's Spring Statement, saying: "In Westminster everyone is waiting for the Chancellor Rishi Sunak to explain tomorrow how he’s going to help British families whose food and energy bills become unpayable later in the year, in part because of the invasion.

"Economists say he's got up to £50 billion to play with, and there's the usual glib talk of pulling rabbits out of hats.

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"But if the Western world is facing a recession worse than anything in our lifetimes - and that's what MPs, gathering over their coffees and sandwiches this afternoon were telling me - does cutting fuel taxes, or raising income tax thresholds, really cut it?

"Is this government rising to the scale of the challenge we face?"