Acid Attack Victim Blinded By Gallon Of Corrosive Liquid Recounts Ordeal

5 August 2017, 16:45 | Updated: 6 August 2017, 10:37

WARNING: Graphic images. Andrew Pierce spoke to Lynn Pereira, who was blinded by an acid attack in 1981 and has campaigned for life sentences for acid attackers.

The Director for Public Prosecutions says acid attackers should face life sentences amid reports of yet another incident, this time in Salford.

One person who has been calling for this for decades is Lynn Pereira, who was blinded when attackers threw a gallon of corrosive liquid over her face in Singapore in 1981.

She recounted her harrowing story to Andrew Pierce, and told him what the government needs to do to tackle the horrific issue sweeping Britain.

Lynn's face before and after the attack
Lynn's face before and after the attack. Picture: Met Police