Andrew Pierce interrogates student "why can't you have a proper dialogue and debate?"

8 March 2020, 12:48

By Seán Hickey

After the Oxford Feminist Society cancelled the former Home Secretary's speaking engagement, Andrew Pierce got heated with a student who believed the students were right.

The former Home Secretary came under fire for her role in the Windrush scandal and it is claimed the Oxford Feminist Society had this as the main reason for "no platforming" Ms. Rudd

Andrew had a caller who is a student from Oxford University who claimed "sometimes you have to be rude in order to make a point".

Andrew Pierce fiercely disagreed with the society's decision to remove Ms. Rudd, arguing that the students should have the capabilities to debate the former MP, asking "is that what they teach you at university?"

"People in the home office should follow the rule of law" The caller countered Andrew, making the point that the former Home Secretary shouldn't have been responsible for such a scandal in the first place.

The feminist society has come under fire for "cancelling" Amber Rudd
The feminist society has come under fire for "cancelling" Amber Rudd. Picture: PA

Andrew Pierce demanded to know who made the students in charge of the University. "Whose university is it, is it the student's university?"

Charles, an Oxford student maintained his stance that "colleges, individual societies have the right to invite and rescind those invitations as they see fit" including the former home secretary.

This wasn't reason enough for Andrew Pierce, who asked Charles a final time"why cant you have a proper dialogue and debate?"