Andrew Pierce’s Blazing Row With Caller Over Illegal Immigration

28 December 2017, 12:25

“You’re deluded my friend”, roared Andrew Pierce as he became embroiled in an explosive row with a caller over illegal immigration.

The confrontation was sparked after judges ruled two Albanian men who pretended to be Kosovan refugees should not be deported.

The Supreme Court concluded that because the men had not stolen a person’s identity and instead made up a fictional character, “neither appellant pretended to be someone he was not”.

After hearing Andrew’s interview with Ann Widdecombe on the matter, Sam in Islington felt compelled to phone in.

The caller said taxpayers' cash would be better spent “targeting bankers who are avoiding paying proper tax” instead of cracking down on illegal immigration.

Andrew Pierce
Picture: LBC/PA

But his remarks did not sit well with Andrew, who retorted: “Here you go! You lot, you just won’t accept that immigration is out of control in this country and has been for years.

“Your usual excuse is ‘oh, what about the bankers’ - the bankers pay a lot of taxes Sam, they pay a lot of taxes, I pay a lot of taxes, I’m sure you do.

“I’m fed up with paying for illegal immigrants coming into this country with a system that is failing and now we’ve got judges contriving and conniving to let them stay.”

Sam hit back: “No, you’re using immigration as a way of deflecting from the social inequality in this country.”

Watch the row unfold in full above.